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Types and functions of non-standard screws


Non-standard screw products are composed of head, rod thread and thread end, head shapes are various, mainly: hexagonal washer head, hexagonal flange head, countersunk head, pan head, half round head, improved head row frame, horn head, flat round and so on. The screw screw mode of the head is: The screw screw mode refers to the way to twist the screw head when installing and fastening the screw, and the basic way is internal screw screw and external screw screw. Internal screw: Cross groove H type, one slot, cross groove Z type, cross groove F type, square groove, composite groove, internal spline, internal triangle, hex, internal 12 Angle, clutch groove, six blade groove, high torque cross groove, etc. External wrench: hexagonal flange, hexagonal flange, hexagonal flower shape, etc. In general, the external wrench allows more torque than any form of internal wrench (internal groove). Non-standard screw rod thread includes half thread and full thread, rod can also be knurled, thread types are self-tapping thread (wide tooth thread), machine thread (ordinary thread), drywall screw thread, fiberboard screw thread, and some other special thread. In addition, the thread can be divided into single leads (single head), double leads (double head), multiple leads (multiple heads) and high and low teeth double head threads. The end forms are mainly cone end and end two. However, according to the needs of use, the end of the screwing part can be processed with cutting functions of trenches, slots, notches or parts similar to the shape of drill bits.

Fastening screws on our ordinary market are generally standardized and standardized production, and for some non-standard products, standardized screws are not applicable. The advantage of choosing non-standard screws is that it can be developed and designed according to the user's own needs, produce suitable screws, and solve the problems such as fastening and screw length that can not be solved by standard screws. Non-standard screw customization reduces the production cost of enterprises, non-standard screws can be designed according to the needs of users, produce the right screws. The shape, length and material of the screw are fitted with the product, saving a lot of waste, not only can save costs, but also improve the production efficiency of the appropriate screw fasteners. In the era of rising labor costs, reducing the production cost of enterprises is undoubtedly increasing the competitiveness of the entire enterprise.

The benefits and advantages of non-standard screws also include: 1) provide higher connection strength and better sealing performance, which can ensure the safety and reliability of the connector. 2) It can be designed and manufactured according to specific application requirements and can meet special engineering needs. 3) Can provide greater flexibility, can choose different materials, sizes and shapes. 4) Can reduce inventory costs, because non-standard screws can be customized and produced according to needs.

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