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Reveal the characteristics of stainless steel self-tapping screws


Reveal the characteristics of stainless steel self-tapping screws

Features: The thread of the stainless steel self-tapping screw is a common thread with a curved triangular section, and the thread surface also has a high hardness, so when connecting, the screw can also tap out the internal thread in the bottom hole of the thread of the connected part to form a connection. The screw is characterized by low screwing torque and high locking performance, and has better working performance than ordinary self-tapping screws, and can be used instead of machine screws.

1. Wall panel tapping screws are used for the connection between gypsum wall panel and metal keel. The thread is a double-headed thread, and the thread surface also has a high hardness (≥HRC53), which can be quickly screwed into the keel without making prefabricated holes to form a connection.

2. The difference between stainless steel self-drilling self-tapping screws and ordinary self-tapping screws is that when ordinary self-tapping screws are connected, they must go through two processes: drilling (drilling the bottom hole of the thread) and tapping (including fastening connection); When the self-drilling self-tapping screw is connected, the two processes of drilling and tapping are combined at one time. It first uses the drill bit in front of the screw to drill, and then uses the screw to tap (including fastening connection), saving construction time and improving construction efficiency.

3. Pan head and hexagonal head stainless steel self-tapping screws are suitable for the occasions where the drill is allowed to be exposed, and the hexagonal head self-tapping screws have a larger torque than the pan head self-tapping screws. Countersunk head and hexagonal flower tapping screws are suitable for the occasions where the nail head is not allowed to be exposed. The hexagonal flower tapping screws bear greater torque than the quiet head tapping screws. Semi-quiet head tapping screws are suitable for occasions where the nail head is allowed to be slightly exposed. When installing and disassembling self-tapping screws, use a zigzagged screw screwdriver for slotted self-tapping screws, a cruciform screw screwdriver for cross-slotted self-tapping screws, a hex flower wrench for hex head self-tapping screws, and a flat wrench, a box wrench, a socket wrench, or a adjustable wrench.

What material should be used to screw on the 1mm thick stainless steel 430 sheet metal?

The various mechanical properties of 304 are relatively excellent, with considerable corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, and it is the most widely used as a stainless heat resistant steel.

316 stainless steel is the second most widely used steel after 304, the main feature is acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance is stronger than 304, mainly used in the food industry and surgical equipment, and 316 stainless steel has a remarkable feature, is basically no thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, which is extremely important for precision parts.

410 is martensitic high strength chromium steel, good wear resistance, poor corrosion resistance.

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