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What are the Common Types of Fastening Pieces?


Fastening Pieces are components that connect and fix mechanical parts. They are widely used in many industries. Their function is to connect parts to each other through fastening, and to maintain the connection state stably for a long time. Fastening pieces can usually be divided into the following categories according to their uses: bolts, nuts, washers, pins, nodes, etc. The following briefly introduces these common fastening pieces.

1. Bolts

Bolts are threaded fastening pieces, which are divided into two types: non-removable bolts and removable bolts. The head and thread of non-removable bolts are integrally formed, and are usually used for mechanical parts that do not need to be disassembled at the connection part; while removable bolts are composed of three parts: head, thread and connecting nut, which are easy to disassemble. There are many types of bolts, such as plum head bolts, hexagon socket bolts, cylindrical head bolts, etc.

2. Nuts

Nuts are a fastening piece that matches the thread. Common nuts include hexagonal nuts, self-locking nuts, large aperture nuts, thin nuts, etc. Among them, self-locking nuts can prevent parts from loosening under vibration or external force.

3. Washers

Washers are usually used to disperse the force area, reduce the wear between the threads and the connection surface of the fastening pieces, and protect the splines. Common washers include flat washers, elastic washers, disc washers, etc.

4. Pins

A pin is a fastening piece that uses axial extrusion force to fix it in a certain position and is used to connect two or more parts. Common pins include cylindrical pins, flat head pins, triangular pins, stop pins, etc.

5. Nodes

Nodes are used to connect two adjacent cylindrical or plate-like objects, and can be locked with threads or mechanical force. Common nodes include snap rings, blocks, tightening snap rings, etc.

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