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Haiyan Jinrun Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a screw and fastener factory, in addition to screws, but also can provide customers with other Fastening Piece products, mainly including bolts, nuts, teeth, stamping parts, U-bolt, EPDM washer, wood screws, nylon lock nuts and other standard and non-standard fasteners, let's take a look at the standards and functions of these fasteners.

Bolts, contains hex bolt, hex socket bolts, non-standard bolts, hex bolts standard mainly DIN933 DIN931 / ISO4017 / ISO4014 / ASME B18.2.1, standards of hex bolt is DIN912 / ISO4762 ANSIB 18.3.1 M, etc. Non-standard bolts according to the specific drawing reference sample, product grade from 4.8 to 12.9, but also includes stainless steel materials, customers purchase the corresponding grade needs to meet the corresponding grade requirements. Hex bolts are a common Fastening Piece. The component consists of a threaded rod and nut, and is inserted and removed using a hex wrench. The main function of hexagonal bolts is to tighten and carry the connection of the workpiece, which is suitable for mechanical, electrical, construction, automotive, aerospace and other fields, and has a wide range of applications in industrial manufacturing and maintenance. Hexagonal bolts are made of high strength, low alloy, steel or stainless steel, which has the characteristics of strong load bearing capacity and high tensile strength, and plays an important role in mechanical engineering and structural engineering.

Nuts, including hexagonal nuts, square nuts, nylon lock nuts, etc., the standard of conventional hexagonal nuts is a wide variety, the main standard is DIN934/ISO4032/ASME B18.2.2, etc. The standard of the square nut is DIN557/ASME B18.2.2, etc., the conventional standard of the nylon lock nut is mainly DIN985/ISO7041/ASME B18.16.6 grade, and the nut is divided into gr.4, gr.6, gr.8, gr.10 and stainless steel according to the grade. The corresponding level must meet the corresponding performance requirements. The nut is threaded with the screw or bolt to achieve the Fastening Piece effect of the connection. The special design of the screw makes the nut have a high connection strength, which can ensure the Fastening Piece of the connection. 1. Machinery manufacturing industry: nuts are indispensable fasteners in the machinery manufacturing process, and play an important role in all kinds of mechanical devices, such as automobiles, aerospace, large machinery and so on. 2. Construction engineering: Nuts are widely used in the construction field to connect and fix building structures, improve the stability and safety of the project, and reduce the risk of failure. 3. Household appliances: Nuts are widely used in the assembly and fixing of household appliances to ensure the normal operation of equipment and the safety of universal use.

Thread rod, the main standard is DIN975/DIN976/ASME B18.31.2, etc., products according to customer needs have different grades and quality distinction;

Stamping products rely on presses and molds to apply external forces to plates, strips, pipes and profiles to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping parts) forming processing method. It can be directly made into flat parts or prepare blanks for other stamping processes such as bending, drawing, forming, etc., and can also be cut and trimmed on the formed stamping parts. Stamping parts are widely used in automobile, household appliances, electronics, instrumentation, machinery, railway, communication, chemical, light industry, textile and aerospace and other industrial sectors. It is mainly produced according to customers' drawings and needs, and belongs to customized products.

The main standard of wood screws is DIN571, American reference ASME B18... 2.1 Standards. Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper grade 4.8, 8.8 Specifications: M5--M16 Length: 20--300mm Main surface treatment: galvanized (blue and white zinc, color zinc), hot dip galvanized, black, packaging: bulk, small box, color box small packaging plus outer box, pallet wood screw function: It is convenient to set and decompose between objects, and it is earthquake-proof and not easy to loosen. Main uses: Mainly used in wood, such as furniture, construction or other wood products, it can be directly screwed into the wood.

EPDM washer is to adopt advanced EPDM EPDM, advantage is only reusable gaskets, at the same time also has the very good chemical resistance. EPDM washer is mainly matched with hexagonal drilling screws, different sizes of hexagonal drilling screws need to match different sizes of EPDM washer, EPDM washer can also be purchased separately, our price is very advantageous, welcome customers to inquire.

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DIN 933 Hexagon Bolt

DIN 933 Hexagon Bolt

Jinrun is a professional supplier of hex bolts. Complete product specifications, cheap price, superior quality, automatic packaging line, is a reliable and powerful factory.

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Jinrun is one of well-known Fastening Piece manufacturers and suppliers located in China. We specialize in producing top quality Fastening Piece product with latest selling design. Our factory is equipped with the advanced technology, enabling us to offer customized services to our customers in bulk at competitive prices.To ensure that our customers have total confidence in our products, we offer free samples, allowing them to test our high quality products before placing an order.You can rest assured to buy Fastening Piece from us.
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