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Solutions for preventing loosening of stainless steel screws


There are two solutions for stainless steel screws to prevent loosening. Next, we describe the following two solutions to prevent loosening of stainless steel standard parts.

The first is to use the resilience of special materials, such as engineering resin materials, which have better resilience. Attach it to the stainless steel screw thread. Make it mechanically rub against the nut or material product. Produce vibration and absolute resistance. Completely solve the problem of loose screws.

The second method is simply to apply a layer of glue on the threads of stainless steel screws, which is called glue dispensing. This kind of glue is called anti-falling glue. This kind of glue has good properties such as high adhesion and non-toxicity. This glue is applied to stainless steel screws, and after drying, it has super strong adhesion. It can make the stainless steel screw threads combine with the nut threads or connect with the threaded holes of the product to produce a super fastening effect. It has a very good anti-loosening effect.

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