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What are the characteristics of Self Tapping Srews?


Self tapping screws, as the name suggests, are screws that you tap yourself. Compared with ordinary screws, self-tapping screws have a drill bit and can be screwed in without machining the screw hole. At the same time, do the tapping yourself. Mainly used for edge joining and fixing of some thinner plates. So what are the characteristics of self-tapping nails? Let’s take a look!

1. Strong corrosion resistance

The self-tapping screw itself has strong corrosion resistance, and the rubber sealing ring it adds makes the screw impermeable to water and rust no matter it is exposed outdoors or in a relatively humid environment.

2. Small scope of use

Self tapping screws, also called wood screws, are suitable for wooden materials. In addition, the screws are small and require manual operation, so the scope of use will be narrow.

3. Easy to operate

Self-tapping screws combine taps and bolts, which are very practical, especially on some soft materials. You can drill a hole and screw them in directly. Of course, if the screw diameter is small and the wood material is soft. No need to drill holes, just screw it in.

4. Strong self-drilling ability

The quality of self tapping screws is determined by three parameters: screw diameter series, number of threads and screw length. The diameters of screws on the market are divided into grades 10 and 12, with corresponding diameters of 4.87mm and 5.43mm respectively; and the number of threads is 14, 16, and 24. If you want screws with strong self-drilling capabilities, it is recommended to purchase them. Screws with more threads.

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